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Dana Point Elections At Risk

The Dana Point elections are being gutted by city staff with the support of three city council members.

Dana Point city manager, city attorney and three city council members are trying to steamroll Dana Point voters into election changes that suppress votes.

Through fear mongering by the city attorney (asserting Dana Point will certainly suffer multi-million-dollar legal losses in court), and through a suspiciously rushed effort to implement voting districts before the upcoming election, the Dana Point city staff and three council members are poised to make the biggest change in Dana Point elections ever.

There is no reason to rush this election change through without the extensive public outreach, education, and research citizens deserve.

There is a city council meeting on April 3, 2018 at 6pm in which the three council members who appear in cahoots with the city attorney and city manager to force this change may choose to take a vote cementing the move. Dana Point residents need to attend this meeting and speak publicly against this sort of back-room political hijacking of the Dana Point elections.

You can read more details about the effort in this article as well as this letter to the editor of the Dana Point Times.

City council members Richard Viczorek, John Tomlinson and Joe Muller, are on record supporting the effort as lead by the city manager and city attorney.


Here is a video compilation of Dana Pointers speaking to city council on 3-April 2018. Be sure to watch to the dramatic end!

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