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Dana Point Election 2018 Candidate: Amy Foell

The 2018 Dana Point election is fast approaching. A candidate for Dana Point city council in the newly formed District 1, Amy Foell, has entered the race. Dana Point election District 1 encompasses: Monarch Beach, Monarch Bay, Monarch Bay Terrace, Monarch Coast, Ritz Cove, Emerald Ridge, Pointe Monarch, Ritz Pointe, Grand Monarch, Villas at Monarch Beach, and Niguel Shores.

Ms. Foell will run against incumbent Joseph Muller and former Financial Review Committee member, Joseph Jaegar.

“My goal is to reflect the district’s interests, needs, and positions on the issues we face as a coastal community ”
—Amy Foell, Candidate for Dana Point City Council 2018, District 1

Foell is the Workforce Development Director at a Chamber of Commerce in Southern California developing partnerships within the business community and school district and has served as an elected official for Los Feliz Neighborhood Council in Los Angeles, Chair of the Environmental Affairs Committee, and a Budget Advocate for the City of Los Angeles.

Issues that top Ms. Foell’s list of concerns mirror the city’s mission statement:

  • Ensuring the highest possible quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors
  • Providing a safe and healthy environment with a sound economic atmosphere
  • Delivering efficient, effective government responsive to the needs of the community

Please click here to learn more about Amy Foell, candidate for Dana Point city council 2018 in District 1, or connect with her campaign on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Amy4DPCityCouncil

Photo of Amy Foell

Map Dana Point District 1 election map
Dana Point District 1 shown in pink.

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