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This past weekend, Dana Pointer was invited to attend a neighborhood election campaign event where three Dana Point candidates for the 2018 City Council election spoke. The audience included Dana Point residents who will be able to vote in the newly formed election districts as well as some residents who will not be allowed to vote this year under the new election rules.

With iPhone in hand, we found a (relatively) inconspicuous spot in the room from which to film the candidates, and we hope these clips and transcripts will help give you a useful introduction to each of these candidates.

Please share this article with your friends and neighbors who may not get a chance to meet the candidates before voting this year, and if you’re unsure whether you’ll be allowed to vote in 2018, you can very easily check using the Dana Pointer Can-I-Vote tool here: https://danapointer.com/can-i-vote/

Dana Point District 1

Candidate: Joe JAEGER



A little bit about me: I’m a retired financial executive. I spent 37 years in business I was the chief financial officer for a publicly held company, and I also held several senior-level positions with privately held companies.

You may recognize my name because I’m a former member of the city’s Financial Review Committee, and I also served as a member of the board for the Ritz Point Estates, and I serve as its treasurer.

So very simply for me, it’s residents first, and that’s the reason I’m running.

I’m a proponent of the city having an ordinance that details its position as relates to residential recovering facilities and sober living homes. It’s an issue that is very important in my district it is as it is in many other districts.

In terms of the homeless, we’re well aware of that situation in the city. I commend and support all the work that Paul Wyatt had done chairing the homeless task force, and I support the community work plan to address homelessness, but at the same time for me, it’s an issue with the county. We have the problem in Dana Point, but the county has the money to solve the problem. So until we get the county to take control of the problem, and that’s where it belongs in my opinion, they’re never going to be able to properly deal with with the homeless problem in Dana Point.

If you really want to get my goat, you’ll get me talking about the city’s finances. Based on my experience on the Financial Review Committee, for nine of the past ten years, the city has run net deficits. So, they spent more than that came in, and that’s not a situation that can last forever. At some point, the party’s going to be over, and we’re close to the party being over. So we need to address that.

I’ve been very vocal about the need to competitively bid the city attorney contract. You may have read some of the articles I’ve written before or heard me speak publicly at City Council meetings. All city contracts should be competitively bid.

City Attorney contracts should be no exception.

To learn more about candidate Joe JAEGER, visit the campaign website here:


Dana Point District 2

Candidate: Mark MCGINN



I’ve never done this before. I’ve never run for an office before, and I met some really outstanding residents of this community who care deeply about Dana Point.

And there are a lot of broken things.

For me, Public Safety is number one. We have an out of control crime issue. Our population hasn’t gotten any bigger over the past couple of years, but we’ve increased our percentage of crime and calls for service.

Those two things could probably be traced back to the sober living homes and our homeless situation. They’re all connected: those three things. So if we were able to get our hands around that problem — just to rein in the unlicensed sober living homes in our community — we could affect the other two problems: our homeless issue and our crime.

I’m an advocate for transparent government. We can’t continue to have backroom deals and our city contracts to be negotiated not competitively.

My background is as a Sales Director for an engineering company. I lead very large cross-functional teams in solving complex problems, and that’s what I’d like to bring to Dana Point, with a lot of great volunteers and people that want to help, and I would love to work with those people to coordinate their actions and to work with them to make this community really what it can be — and it has been I’m sure in the past.

There’s a lot of, I call them patriots, here. These are people who want to see this city succeed, and I do want that energy. There is a lot of energy in this room right here. I see it all the time with the people I’ve talked to in my neighborhood.

They took our five votes for City Council and reduce that to one vote. So, some of you aren’t even voting this next time around. How does that feel?

That’s the outrage that I get when I’m talking with some of our citizens.

So if you’re a voter, come out and vote for me and tell your friends. If you’re not a voter this time, please tell the people that are voting and try to get them to come out.

To learn more about candidate Mark MCGINN, visit the campaign website here:

Dana Point District 3

Candidate: Charles PAYNE



I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve been in law enforcement for about 20 years. I am NOT a politician. I’m a cop — kind of a straightforward guy. I started out in code enforcement. I worked for code enforcement for a couple years while I put myself through the Sheriff’s Academy. I graduated number one in my class. I went to work for a police department. I worked just about every job that they would let me work in the police department and worked my way up.

I’m currently a lieutenant with the Riverside PD. I’m in charge of our investigations Bureau. So I run a detail of about 62, employees and an operating budget of about 16 and a half million dollars a year.

Back up about eight years when I was still a narcotics detective, out crashing doors in and jumping out of helicopters doing really insane things that were probably the most fun I’ve ever had my life, I realized that I needed something to work toward once I retired or God forbid I got hurt on the job or something like that.

So I went back to school. I went to law school, while I was working full time. I graduated valedictorian; took the bar; passed that and became an attorney so I’ve been an attorney for several years now as well

The reason I bring all that up is that when I talk to our residents, and I’ve talked to a bunch of residents, Public Safety is is paramount on everybody’s mind. Realistically there are a lot of important things and important work that a city does, and a municipality does, but first among them should always be Public Safety. The biggest responsibility of your city government is the safety of the residents and also the residents’ perception of safety because it’s not all about numbers on a spreadsheet — numbers of crimes and calls for service.

It’s about how safe our residents feel and how protected and taken care of our residents feel.

Mr. Paul Wyatt, who is one of our council members, made a very important statement when he was doing his introduction and he said that it’s important to get people on the council that have a variety of backgrounds, and I absolutely agree with him, and I think that the three of us here that are running represent a variety of backgrounds.

But, I think more important than having a diverse group of people, it’s having a diverse group of people that also mutually respect one another and are willing to work together for the common good of our residents, and I think that’s one of the things that we’re lacking right now.

I think having a diverse group of people doesn’t really get you where you need to be if those people are picking food fights with each other on Facebook and making faces at each other at City Council meetings and being snippy and not willing to put their petty differences aside to reach out and have a conversation with somebody that they may not agree with on everything. Guess what? We don’t always agree with anybody. My beautiful wife is here I don’t agree with her on everything. It’s just a fact of human nature.

My point is that it has to start with that conversation. It has to start with that mutual respect and hopefully, they understand where you’re coming from, you understand where they’re coming from and you find some commonality; find some way to meet and work together for the good of the residents, because that’s what this is all about. It’s doing good for the residents. That’s what I hope to bring into City Council.

I appreciate your attention. I appreciate you coming out and supporting us, again whether you can vote for us or not but thank you again for coming out and thank you for listening.

To learn more about candidate Charles PAYNE, visit the campaign website here:


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