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Camp Pendleton Considering Temporary and Austere Tents for Thousands of Immigrants

The US Navy is considering a “temporary and austere” tent encampment for up to 47,000 migrants at Camp Pendleton. Time Magazine reported on June 22, 2018, that a draft document was prepared by Phyllis L. Bayer, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment, recommending approval by Navy Secretary Richard Spencer in anticipation of requests as a result of President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

“The U.S. Navy is preparing plans to construct sprawling detention centers for tens of thousands of immigrants on remote bases in California, Alabama and Arizona….”

“The Navy memo outlines plans to build ‘temporary and austere’ tent cities … that could house as many as 47,000 people at Camp Pendleton, the Marines’ largest training facility located along the Southern California coast.”
Source: Time Magazine

Pentagon podium photo

DanaPointer contacted officials at Camp Pendleton who referred our request to the Department of Defense. Pentagon spokesman Army Lt. Col. Jamie A. Davis replied to our request for an update:

“In order to inform potential senior leader discussion around this topic, Navy planners proactively pulled together a list of options that could be considered. The memo is strictly pre-decisional and meant for informed deliberation by senior leaders.”
Source: Pentagon spokesman Army Lt. Col. Jamie A. Davis

Click here to read the Time Magazine article: http://time.com/5319334/navy-detainment-centers-zerol-tolerance-immigration-family-separation-policy/

Here are two additional articles about the report:

Photo credit: Photo by Lance Cpl. Audrey Rampton

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