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Ross Teasley

A long-time Dana Pointer, technologist and publisher, I have been involved in several initiatives around Dana Point over the years ranging from environmental issues to civic planning. Fueled by coffee.

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Beach Life

What Does Dana Point Need: A Robust Online Discussion

Recently the Facebook group called Dana Point Unplugged ask the question: “What is ONE thing you feel Dana Point needs to make it even better? (entertainment venue, restaurant, attraction, etc)” Well, Dana Pointers of all sorts chimed in to the discussion with ideas about everything from a bowling alley to more fireworks (tongue firmly implanted

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Cronyism and Corruption in Dana Point

Shielding current city attorney Patrick Muñoz from any scrutiny or accountability, on February 20th 2018 city council members Joe Muller, Richard Viczorek and John Tomlinson voted, in public, on the record, to not seek competitive bids for legal services to the city of Dana Point. Lawyer Patrick Muñoz, through his law firm, Rutan & Tucker,

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